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Areas of Practice


Assistive Technology / equipment prescription

The provision of the right piece of equipment that compliments your current abilities can improve your independence. We have extensive experience in the provision of assistive technology and can help you to find a solution.

To find the right piece of assistive technology we will meet with you, assess your abilities and difficulties and trial options which may be suitable. Where relevant, an application can then be submitted to the appropriate funding body to seek approval for funding. 

Assistive technology may include:

- Wheelchairs / mobility equipment

- Hoists and lifting aids

- Stairlifts

- Seating supports (lift chairs, pressure relief supports)

- Commodes

- Shower / toilet / bath seating

- Daily living aids (eating, meal preparation, dressing etc.)

- Specialised beds and mattresses

If you have a need that is not listed above, we may still be able to help. Please email or call us to discuss further. 

Home Modifications

Appropriate home modifications can improve accessibility, independence and safety. We aim to develop an individual plan that will assist you to meet your needs in the most effective manner and in compliance with legislative requirements and funding body requirements. Our therapists can meet with you to discuss:

- Bathrooms (getting into or out of the shower, using fittings or fixtures) 

- Entrances or exits to the home (steps, threshold steps, navigating doorways)

- Wheelchair accessibility around the home (internally and externally).

- Ceiling track hoists

- Grab rails or railings

Day to day activities

Would you like to explore potential improvement in completing your day to day activities? Or do you need some supporting documentation on current function? We can complete a functional assessment of how you complete your tasks, we may then be able to help find ways to maximise your independence in self-care (showering, dressing, toileting) activities, household activities or community based activities. 

Contact us if you would like to find out more.

Further questions?

Have a question that isn't covered above? We may be able to help. Our therapists have experience working collaboratively with our clients and working with government funding bodies. Call or email us to discuss. 

 Local OT is Registered NDIS and Medicare Provider.